This is a drink that punctuates your day.

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Imagine if you could get the same effect you would expect from an energy drink but without the crash or other side effects. An organic, non GMO product developed by doctors to enhance clarity and mental focus.

A product that doesn’t dehydrate you. A product you can count on like a friend. An honest friend – its that voice of reason that steers you in the right direction, not the friend that hypes you up for failure.

All of our ingredients are easy to spell, and easy to read.

Our most common testimonial is that they feel clarity, there is no spike, or crash, just clarity. Exactly what a business professional strives for. And out of all of the drinks available, PilotsFriend is the taste of clarity. It is sweet, like paradise.

Furthermore, the natural digestive properties found in ingredients such as lemon, ginger, chokeberries, gentian and cardamom makes PilotsFriend a refreshing addition to a decadent meal and the perfect prelude to a night out on the town.

You can taste all of the natural ingredients in perfect harmony. There is no artificial taste, because there is nothing artificial. 

If you are looking for a natures fix, PilotsFriend is the solution. 


Mental clarity, sustained energy and a great sense of well being are with me all day long after sipping PilotsFriend over ice.

Claire Love, Holistic Practitioner


Unintended benefit: Quite by accident, I have found that the PilotsFriend drink has a positive effect on reducing unpleasant side effects of the Chemotherapy treatment such as sore mouth and tongue that sometimes develops into canker sores. The reduction of symptoms is almost immediate and lasts for a few hours.

Terry St. George, Chief Flight Instructor


PilotsFriend (PF) is not a typical energy drink, with hand-picked ingredients, you can expect only the BEST.

I am a Canadian sprinter running the 100 m and 200m in the M35 age group with more than 10 gold medals won during my 2016-2017 season. 

I use it during my long and intense training sessions but also during important track and field competitions.

When I drink PilotsFriend, I feel pumped, mentally cleared and energized for several hours and there is no side effects or sugar crash to expect.

PF is an ideal drink for your long days in the office or your long nights studying for an exam.

Trust me, PilotsFriend will always give you an edge over your competition.

Alex Gbaguidi, Financial Advisor & Athlete


In short, I love it! It's exactly the kind of beverage that suits me perfectly. I love earthy flavored foods and drinks, and this one has an incredibly complex flavor. Started out bitter, then sweet and fruity, and finally a kick of spice to finish things off. 

Troy Hale, Financial Planner

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So you can find PilotsFriend in all Natural Health and Organic stores and groceries across Canada.   Ask your local natural store for Pilotsfriend!

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